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This incredible Ultimate Gator Car Wash is the best!

Hot Wheels - Wild Track and Alligator

Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash offers hours of immersive storytelling with touch-sensitive underwater gameplay and magical color transformations. Try to get out of the swirling whirlpool without being bitten by the giant alligator!


We were very excited to receive the cars for our son's birthday. He is an avid collector of hot wheels and we wanted him something special this year! The package arrived quickly, but there are some assembly required (more than what was expected). I read through all instructions before starting- which helped since one part said "use old water with ice" so you don't have any cold accidents in your living room.


My son and his friends started their car wash adventure by dropping the car onto the large handle on the water tower to soak the car and watch it magically change color! He drove the insane track and past the brush and roller of the car wash, before taking the final dive into the whirlpool chamber, where the car magically changes color again! It was amazing to watch!


This fun water park style game features a crank lift, crazy track, water tower, plunge pool with hydromassage and 1 Color Shifters car. This set has multiple connection points to connect to other Hot Wheels sets for a customizable track and play!


This thing is awesome! He loves it so much and boy it’s hard to find a car wash toy! The price was really worth it seeing my son very happy.


This is a giant set, with the gator being my favorite part. It's huge and does not disappoint when it comes to play features! There are tons of cool things in here including water tanks that you can charge your color-changing car up through, or get racing on one of their many rollers depending how fastidious you are about cleanliness.

The "icy water" area was rather challenging for my husband and I to get the cars out without some force, but with a little help from our toddler son who is full of youthful energy we managed well! He pushed down hard on them so they shot right into that gator's mouth - just like in commercials.

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