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The best blocks out there by Djeco!

DJECO Vehicle Blocks Nest and Stack Set

We bought it for our first child, we bought a second to share with family members and now another for someone else's kid. They are just as beautiful in person! Our son likes the goat best while our daughter enjoys playing with them too - she loves collecting Fisher Price toys from Baby Einstein on up so this was perfect gift idea.


They're extremely durable, so much that my two-year-old son has played with them roughly for the past months and they still look brand new. Literally.


I bought this set for my son who is one year old. He loves it and I can tell he's having fun with the kiddie blocks as we stack them up! The colors are bright, which makes them easy to find in his toy box at night when all of the lights have been turned off (which reminds me how much brighter these pieces would be during day). As an added bonus, they're made out of durable material so no worries about him chewing through something too quickly or dropping on ground where tiny pieces may get lost forever - good thing.


Creative play is a wonderful way for kids to use their imagination and foster creativity. This set offers hours of creative fun as they build, hide objects under the cubes or knock them down again! It's great that you can nest two sets next one another so all your little ones need are these awesome building blocks in order get playing right away.


My son who lives for knocking down towers of blocks is so cute. The look on his face and the giggles he sends out when building a new one makes it such an enjoyable experience to watch him! These art-filled wood pieces always have something new that you can find, which keeps him interested.

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