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Surprise kids with Bubiloons Collectible Animals.

Bubiloons Collectible Animals

Bubiloons are a collection of animals that live in a world full of bubbles, colors and candies that can bubble with their mouths. Separate the bubble from the mouth, decorate it with beads and combine it with items to create fantastic accessories! There are 12 characters to collect plus 1 rare character.


It is something my daughter wanted so much, because she has seen it in the daily in advertising during the cartoons during snack hours. The plastic box contains the Bubiloon (cleverly hidden by microballs), a few sticky balls to inflate and decorate with the aforementioned balls, two small accessories. 


My daughter plays with it every day since she received it, takes it to sleep, pretends to cure it, and takes it to a bath. She got attached and she didn't forget it in the corner along with other toy. The only thing I feel like saying is that the microballs don't stay much left stick to sticky bubbles, this is the part that catches them the most.


In addition to the Bubiloon there are accessories and microballoons. With an accessory placed on the Bubiloon’s mouth you can inflate the balloons, which then in turn immersed in the micro balls to be decorated. The game is fun, we loved it. 


When you spin the wheel on the capsule, the colorful beads start to fall and reveal the surprise animal Bubiloons inside! Includes different accessories: 8 balloons, 1 bubble machine, 2 personalized items and 3 common sticks to decorate the capsule with bubbles. If you add the bubble machine with a balloon to your Bubiloons' mouths and squeeze their head, you will see how the bubble is created!

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