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Screen time and Playtime for Kids

    With the many avenues of entertainment that children have available, it's no surprise why they're not as interested in traditional books. With video games and electronics becoming more popular than ever before, adults may find themselves at a loss for what to do with their kids when faced with too much choice rather than enough time or resources - but there is always something! Kids need to interact with real objects and people, not just screens. Electronic toys are a dime-a -dozen these days but they should never replace the experience of reading books or playing in an environment where creativity is encouraged by adults who care about their child's development as much as possible! I agree that electronics are great for making plans, exchanging information and playing games. They can be a fun way to spend time in between tasks while we're waiting on something else! 


Toys are an important way of supporting your child's early development, and providing a good selection can help them learn with lots of variety. No matter what the toy is though - whether it be blocks or dolls- there needs to be enough so that each individual has their own plaything too!



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Children should be given opportunities to learn as they grow. These stages in their development are vital for children, and the right electronic toy can help them do just that! A great way of teaching skills such preschoolers need is by providing access at an early age through these learning devices so your child will have more time with his educational pursuits while also developing crucial life capacities like creativity or socialization.


Toys that are designed with children's interests in mind can do more than entertain them - they make learning fun by capturing the child’s attention through captivating colours, sounds and interactive elements. Toys often feature favorite characters for young ones to bond over as well! The benefits of interactive toys are numerous and diverse - not only do children love to play with gadgets, which teaches them important tech skills while they learn how-to use their imagination creatively; these devices also help toddlers develop key early learning abilities such as number recognition or word association.



Just like you have a balanced diet, your kids need to experience both screen time and playtime. They will be living in this digital age but they still need the physical activity of playing with toys that give them interactivity - not just sitting on their couch all day!


Electronic educational toys are a great way for kids who haven't yet learned how to use their imagination and build things with blocks or play book. However, they should not be used in place of basic building materials because that will only hinder your child's development skills! Toys are a great way to introduce children early not only the concepts of numbers and colors, but also how with patience they can learn anything. By introducing these toys at home from an age-appropriate perspective you will find it less daunting when your child comes into nursery or school being able take on new challenges head on with confidence!

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