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Play: A Child's Natural Outlet

           Play is a powerful tool for developing literacy skills. Through play, children learn to make and practice new sounds; they experiment with vocabulary on their own or in social interactions while also exercising the imagination through storytelling. The first time a baby shakes their rattle, they have discovered something new. The gentle shaking and resonating sounds stimulate the auditory senses in an age-old way that babies are designed to do so long as it is safe for them!

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A child playing alone may be attempting some deep thinking about themselves or just having fun with what seems like simple things such as throwing a ball back into your face when you're looking away at whatever else might be going on around us all day long (which sure doesn't count). But these same behaviors can easily transition over from playtime between children into social interaction.

Play is a child’s natural way to express themselves. You may think your little one should be rolling the truck on its side, but playing with it as if it were just another stacking toy shows that they are already thinking creatively and independently.

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A child's natural outlet is playing. It allows them to express themselves through creativity and physical movement, while also practicing balance skills that they will need in later life!


Playtime is a great time to let your child explore, and you get the chance for some quality one on one-ness with them. Incorporating yourself into their play can be challenging though. You need to know when they are ready for more than just observer status, if doing so would help facilitate bonding or teach new skills in an appropriate way.

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It is important to teach children about patience and understanding. If you choose join in your child's play, make sure that they don't take it over by incorporating all of their ultimate learning objectives into the game itself- this can lead them astray from what really matters at hand! 


Structured adult-led activities offer an opportunity for kids to have fun while learning new things about themselves in a safe environment that is just theirs! Adults can also engage with their peers during these events but remember it's important not only give them control over what they do; allow every child time where he/she decides how much fun will happen on his/her own terms.

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