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Nerf and Toy Blasters: Pros and Cons

         It can be a tricky topic for some parents to deal with. The subject of giving toy guns to children may either meet with shocked gasps or enthusiastic reactions, depending on how recent the headlines have been regarding violence and gun ownership in America. Research showed that children who play with toy blasters are more likely to feel bad about themselves. They still played, but did not tell anyone about it. The imagination of children thrives more when they are allowed to play freely.


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Toys are a great way to encourage creativity and expression. For example, toys give structure and purpose in play - like for toy guns and nerf blasters that can be used as an extension of one's imagination with different uses each time it is played around with! 


Teaching kids about gun safety is possible with toy guns. That’s a huge positive, because you can show the kids how to act if they ever come across a firearm - which will work positively for all involved!


Toy guns are the perfect way to demonstrate and participate in safe gun handling exercises with your kids. The same firearm safety rules apply for both real life weapons as well as toy ones! A child has no idea about what is negative or positive. For him, the using a gun is heroic, an attempt to save the needy. It is, therefore, vital to teach them what the toy guns are about.


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The saying goes, “The more you suppress something the worse it will be.” The ideal solution lies in giving nerf guns that do not resemble real ones and should be assigned to people who have no intention of hurting anyone or having access to them for themselves. Playing with these toy blasters as a child may not be harmful. It’s about having fun and living your best life as a child. It's the teenage violence that will get you in trouble! It is always the parent’s responsibility to supervise their own children. 

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