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Music and Hape Magic Touch Piano

Baby Einstein Hape Magic Touch Piano


If your little one is a budding musician, this toy piano may be the perfect choice for them.


My daughters loved this toy from day one. As soon as we opened it and put the pieces together, she sat down with us to see what would happen! It's so cool how all these lights come on when you slide different parts of her piano into place.


The first time I tried playing along everything worked except for two notes that were missing- but luckily they're easy enough once you learn where those flats are located.


The Hape Magic Touch Piano is an absolute must-have for any kid! My three-year-old daughter loves trying to match the dots to make the song and my two-year-old just plays freely. It’s a great first piano It has 24 keys with 3 different modes. The magnificence of this toy lies in its simplicity and portability, two things that are extremely important to parents everywhere who want the best for their children but don't have enough space at home or many spare moments during hectic days.


This magic touch musical learning system includes 3 modes of play that teach kids about music through role playing: pretend, interactive game mode where students learn basic concepts such as high/low notes.



Is the Baby Einstein Hape Magic Touch Piano worth buying? For me, yes! This exciting toy is designed to give children a fun introduction into music. Combining digital technology and familiar musical sounds, kids such as my daughters can learn notes and melodies played on an impressive keyboard while also having access to songs like Jingle Bells or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in which they can participate by simply pressing keys. There are over 50 different instruments at their disposal including drums, bells, chimes and xylophones that will get our child singing along!


Is it possible for there to be too much of a good thing when it comes down playing with this piano from Baby Einstein? If you're looking for something educational but still entertaining for your very own toddlers then look no further than this Hape Magic Touch Piano!

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