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Learn colors, numbers, shapes with Rolimate!

Rolimate Clip Bead Game

The Rolimate wooden clip bead game is a fun and educational tool for kids of all ages. I've seen my little ones spend hours playing with these beads, which helps them build fine motor skills as well as learn colors, numbers, shapes etc. One issue that could arise from this particular toy would be if the child were to swallow one or more pieces along with their snack time playtime! This specific product contains small parts. The wood used in manufacturing it may contain toxins like lead paint so please make sure to keep your children away when not supervised by an adult at all times.



I'm always looking for new educational toys to buy for my child. I found this one in passing, but it had the colors that caught my eye so now you know what toy we have!


The quality is nice, all made of wood which I thought would be plastic balls. FYI they are marble size so always supervise kids while playing with it and don't forget about those splinters! The game board as I call it has a smooth finish that won’t cause any harm if you happen to touch the ends or sides when rubbing your hands together; these materials have been sanded down without being rough enough where little fingers might get cuts from them easily slipping through skin.


At first, I put the card stock paper down and fit the wooden top piece back on. There are many different ways for this to get hard or easy depending on what your little one wants! You could play it with kids of all ages!


I love that the colors in this set are not bright and primary, but rather more subtle shades. My child is able to learn about basic shapes with ease because their color recognition skills are enhanced by this palette!



This set is a must have for any parent looking to teach their little one the basics. It can help with hand eye coordination, color recognition and counting as well as problem solving skills that will come in handy when they get older! Working together daily I know this activity kit will make all of those early years’ worth it because I’m setting them up not just now but down the road so they've got an edge on everyone else around - speak from experience here (I'm pretty sure mine learned how). 


I love how innovative this toy is! The bright colors and cute design really grabbed the attention of my child. We need more toys like these in our world, because they are easy to use no matter what age you have!

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