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Imagination begins with Bakugan Battle Pack!

BAKUGAN Battle Pack


I'm not sure what my son sees in these little "monsters" but he can't get enough. His eyes light up whenever we play with them and the best part? They always pop right open when rolled over their magnetic hex pieces on the playing area! Hopefully he will have a good time as there are different levels of games you can play, some more complex than others. My son is always in his room playing with these blocks. I like to watch him as he makes up stories and imagines what he can build next, it's so fascinating! This big pack is good value as it contains 5 monsters and the various accessories needed to play!


The BAKUGAN Battle Pack is a great toy for kids to play with. It comes with one Bakugan and three weapons; the battle pack allows two players at once, which encourages more children to join in on fun! The material used makes it durable so that you can enjoy playing time after time without worrying about replacing your toys quickly because of excessive damage from roughhousing.



One of the most important things to know about any toy is how you should interact with it. No matter what type, they all have their own maximum age range or maximum size requirement that make them unsuitable for certain children and people in general. The same goes for Bakugan Battle Pack; this game requires two players but can be played by one person alone if necessary (although no fun will come out of it). There are many types of BakuPacks like Dragonoid Colossus, Darkus Infinity Helios etc., each having different features according to its element group which is shown on the front cover design itself along with other specifications such as number/type(s) included inside a pack.


I would not hesitate to buy it again and highly recommend it.

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