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Easter Activities For Kids

          As a parent, there is nowhere to hide from the Easter craft at this time of year. Experts say that by taking some time off and diving in you can have an enjoyable experience with your kids making crafts together as well as learning new skills such as painting eggs.


You know what's better than playing with your kids? Playing together. I mean, who doesn't love the feeling of creating something new and exciting?! But for some parents crafting can be time consuming or messy; however, there is an option! You just need scissors, coloring pens/markers paper glue.

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There are a number of ways you can get involved with crafts and activities to help make time outside play, which benefits both parent and child. For example: joining an arts group or going on vacation together.


Technology has taken over our entire lives and it's increasingly difficult to disconnect from the screen. Instead of spending time together, parents should try to connect with their child through eye contact because this will help make them better social beings as adults.

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The use of imagination is an important and powerful tool that we need to be engaging with. With technology, like watching videos or playing games on your phone for example; children are not using this skill as much today.


Re-connecting with your inner child is the key to finding joy in life. Adults often take themselves too seriously, forgetting that children have a childlike wonder and curiosity which should be encouraged by adults instead of suppressed. It is a great opportunity to be mindful and in the moment. You are activating different parts of your brain (right side) which will help you feel more balanced.

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Easter offers so many great activities for our children. What kid doesn't love an egg hunt? An Easter egg hunt not only entertains them but also helps with their fine motor skills and coordination! The first step in finding the eggs is on your little one's gross motor, while decision-making abilities are worked out during planning time when it comes to deciding which color. Finally, picking up those golden treats after all these difficulties has been overcome tests flexibility as well cognitive ability - proving that despite its playful nature this holiday really does have something everyone can enjoy.

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