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Discover New Adventures in the Outdoors!

       Adults who were once in school remember their recess times with a wistful sense of nostalgia. These precious moments when the constraints of class are forgotten and you can escape for some fresh air to play on another playground, or make new friends- these memories will stick around forever! The days when children could play outside are long gone. With an abundance of activities and few opportunities to enjoy playgrounds with other kids, today’s youth is left feeling like they're on their own - isolated from one another as video games seem more interesting than social interactions or after-school clubs take priority over time spent together in nature's beautiful spaces.


The first five years of life are an especially critical time for brain development and forming the foundation for future learning, which is why free outdoor play should be encouraged in your child. It's beneficial to spend some quality one on ones with them each day so that you can monitor their progress as they grow up! Outdoor play doesn't have to be boring, particularly if you live in a place where there's an outdoor space. Especially with older children it can sometimes help just sending them outside and letting them come up their own games that will keep all day long! 


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Working together is a wonderful way for parents and children to enjoy outdoor play. For example, if you have an old tire in your backyard that needs fixing up then why not let the kids help out? They'll be able accomplish something more meaningful than watching TV all afternoon.


Teaching your child about road and pedestrian safety on the way to a nearby park? Then, you should walk together! Even younger children can get out of their stroller for a while. Walking is good exercise which teaches kids self-reliance; it also shows they enjoy outdoor activities as well - all while building character traits like perseverance, independence, confidence (and more). If you're looking for an energy-boosting workout, try biking or scooting around.


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As your child gets older, you could encourage them to try a structured outdoor activity like junior sport. This is where they will learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship while having fun! The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium from food and build strong bones. Just a few minutes of sunshine daily can help the body make adequate levels! When a child plays outside in the fresh air, they take break from being indoors with trapped germs. The interaction with natural elements like soil also helps build immunity and encourage healthy living habits for life!


It’s a well-known fact that playing outside can help children get the sleep they need, which ranges from 10 to 12 hours per night for 3–6 year-olds. When kids play in nature and spend time experiencing calming effects like being surrounded by trees or running across fields of green grass it just makes sense why this is so effective!


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