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Decorate cakes with this Barbie Playset!

Barbie Cake Decorating Playset

This is a great set for creative kids! I never really enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls as much, but my daughter loves these. They're perfect because they allow her to get more involved and imaginative by allowing her to explore outside of her own imagination which we all know can be very limiting at times. Not only does this toy encourage creativity in young minds, it's also durable so has been used many times already without any leaks or tears occurring yet.


The set is easy to assemble and comes with a standard Barbie (no bendable body parts, but typical of modern play dolls). We actually have the same one from our kitchen playset that uses modeling dough compound. My daughter pretends they're twins - both Barbies wear aprons with different patterns on them! Anyway, the playset comes with an adequate amount of modeling dough but you can easily substitute your own Play Doh or similar.


I love decorating cakes! The process is fairly simple, and my 9-year-old daughter does this by herself. However, it's easier for me to do since I'm not as young or inexperienced with making these types of treats (I know some kids would get frustrated). There isn't really a way you can store your creations unless they're kept in an airtight container. That’s all well and good, because these cakes are meant to be created then disassembled so you can reuse the dough. My daughter wanted me to "save her cake" (whatever that means) which is why I'm thinking of trying out some air-dry modeling compound... it would be neat if we could save a few!


It's as easy to make your own cake decorations from around the house, and you can even have fun with this by decorating edible items. Take some of those old toys that children play with often such as Barbie shoes or rubber ducks; just slice off pieces for use on top! With so many options available it will be hard not finding something perfect in every case- which means more chances at creativity is guaranteed when they're used creatively themselves during baking time.


I was pleasantly surprised by how much my kids, age 6-10 loved this set. It's not a toy for very young children because they need to be able to use their hands and fingers in order get the most out of it but more dexterous 5 year old’s or imaginative tweens can enjoy playing with some supervision from an adult if desired as well.

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