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Cook and Grill with Theo Klein Barbecue

Theo Klein Ball Barbecue

My daughter has always loved to watch me cook and she can't get enough of the kettle. I needed one that would let her play with it too, not just set up in my kitchen but also when we have friends over for dinner so they could see how great this thing works! 


I had no idea you needed to touch the lighter to your charcoal. I thought it was just a toy and never realized how cool of an invention this really is! The first time that I tried lighting up with one, I fumbled around until finally getting some spark on there.


This is as cute as can be. I got this for my daughter to help her learn about cooking and eating healthy foods like salmon, shrimp or even vegetables! She loves it and she's always asking me if we're going out camping anytime soon. We found them here on Amazon too which was great because there were so many options available from brands big AND small compared with other stores locally (which doesn't have everything).


The grill was so easy to set up and only took about 5 minutes. The light-up charcoal with crackling sounds is too cute! You have to make sure that you hit the lighter in just the right spots, but once it's on there are no more worries because this thing grills like nobody’s business!


I love that our new toy is small enough for any grownup who loves cooking as much or even more than kids will enjoy playing around mommy. I also like how people ask us all kinds of questions when they see what we got on Christmas morning; it brings out the child in everyone!


More suitable for smaller kids but everyone can have fun with this pretend grill. You get to choose between Original or Different sets of play food - not crazy about the first stuff that came with it, so I bought some new replacement pieces from the store! My daughter loves making her favorite foods on these bad boys and asking me over every day after school is done.


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