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Cast a spell in the Tower of Gryffindor

Jada Toys Harry Potter Tower of Gryffindor


My 8-year-old son is a major fan of the books and has been asking for this toy in anticipation of his birthday. I was really surprised at how well it works! He loves playing with all parts put together - even without my help (I guess that means he's not too bad). You just have to follow the directions closely and put it the parts together exactly in the order shown and it will work out perfectly. Anyway, my kid loves it and I was very happy with how precisely all the pieces fit.


The tower is more than just fun; it's educational! The pictures have a number guide in case your little one gets lost and needs some assistance putting together their own Hogwarts. There are also stickers for each house that they can put on top of the castle so you know which colors represent Gryffindor, Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I think it will last quite nicely thanks to how sturdy all parts seem when clicked into place correctly. I put the Gryffindor Tower together in less than an hour, wonderfully vibrant stickers, and fairly easy to pop in Tower pieces. Everything fit snugly, a small tap with tiny size hammer occasionally needed. It looks great, I am very pleased and will display! 


This set includes two exclusive characters namely, Harry Potter and Professor Snape, so you can relive your favorite movie magic moments again! 


Don't fret, my young Wizards! I assure you that when constructing the piece of Hogwarts magic in your hands is very simple. There are only a few pieces and they fit together perfectly so there's no need to worry about missing anything important or puzzling it out for hours on end like some sort of magical game show - all right?

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