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Build your Garden of Dreams with Limmys!

                                                                           Limmys Build Garden of Dreams

This is so much fun! My 3-year-old daughter loves to play with this and dump it out every morning. She makes all kinds of gardens, uses them in her imaginary play (she even has flowers that match), but best of all I know these are helping build a sense for creativity, because she’s always coming up with something new each time we do this together!


My kid actually loves to garden with me and now she has her own garden, which is great. She can mix flowers from all over the world in a creative way! Plus, it helps that there are no bad feelings when we put our gardens together because they both get their joy out of playing around finding new combinations or putting some pieces here first instead of having one person do everything themselves. 


This set has been a great success! My daughter loves putting the pieces together. She's able to do it by herself now, but sometimes needed some help from me because of how tricky those connector pieces were - which is why I'm so happy we got this particular toy for her room instead of something else that required more assistance (like puzzles).


The bag is well-made and sturdy. It's easy to store the flower, with a reasonable size for storage or taking down quickly in case of emergency! The plastic material makes me think it will last longer than other less durable materials but we've only been playing around so far--I'll have more feedback on durability after some time goes by (hopefully).


It is great for smaller kids and their sensory motor skills. This makes a great gift ideal! I am very pleased with my purchase as it was a gift for my daughter and she loves it!

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