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Be on a roll with Carrera First Paw Patrol!

Carrera First Paw Patrol



The Carrera First Paw Patrol is a game for children that has a positive engagement with kids. This will make it fun overall game for kids 3 and up!


The Carrera FIRST product line was specially developed for children from 3 years of age and offers the ideal toy for preschool children. It urges you to start a race with Chase and Marshall in the police car, or would you prefer to dash down the blue track with Mario? No matter which favorites you choose- exciting play hours are guaranteed! And best part is that this stable track can be easily assembled/disassembled.


My kids and I, had such a groovy time building our own racetrack. It's so easy to set up, you just need to be really careful with those little connections on the bottom of each car - make sure they're in good shape before moving forward!


The two cars go super-fast and sometimes fly off around the corners at full throttle. My 5-year-old son has been playing with this nonstop lately!


I have to say, this product is really good. It's like if you're not careful then the car can go off-track easily but once we found out how easy these things were and learned our lesson about wiping them down with a clean cloth every now again (or just giving it one swipe) everything was great from there on in!


Part of the cardboard pieces you see in the picture need cut out of the box. I thought they were missing until I looked closer. We decided not to and to keep the box for storage. The reviews worried me but I’m glad I bought it. Mine was not sent in another box, so it was clearly visible what it was. I’d suggest the gift option if you need it to be a surprise. The original batteries are still going for us 2 months later. I’d give this a 9/10. 


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