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Battery powered bubble machine? Take my money!

Ucradle Automatic Bubble Machine

What a joy to finally find something that my baby and I can enjoy together. The machine is so well built and durable, it has been outside during perfect weather for over an hour without any problems! It's very quiet too - no more loud noises or broken toys from other poorly made machines we've had in the past. 


The quality is worth it! We’ve had zero issues with this switch and the fan runs exceptionally quiet. The bubble fluid doesn't spill and leak everywhere, it's a lot more contained than other products. We can now enjoy up to half an hour of bubbles on one charge! The reservoir holds enough for your needs too- so no need to worry about running out before getting hit with guests at any time soon (or ever). 


It's really just amazing! The bubbles are soapy and big. It makes loads of them very quickly, which is perfect for my 3-year-old as well as the 1 year old who love to watch this thing go crazy every time we turn it on in our house.


I bought myself this brand new bubble machine because last year’s model stopped working after only half a year - thank goodness I did, since this one blows all the other bubble machines I’ve come across.


The bubbling machine has many benefits. It can be used in different occasions to provide entertainment for small children, such as my kids. Moreover, it releases stress after work and create an enjoyable atmosphere at our home.


The Ucradle Automatic Bubble Machine makes it easy for children to enjoy bubbles in a safe way. The machine has adjustable bubble speeds and can be set on the floor or tabletop. It also works well with all types of commercial-grade soap solution, so kids don't need to worry about mixing anything up at home before playing with their new toy!


Pros: Can adjust speed; Works well w/commercial grade soap solutions; Easy for children. Cons: None! The Ucradle Automatic Bubble Machine is an inexpensive, portable bubble machine that creates bubbles when you turn it on. Oh, how fun!

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