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Baby first steps with Chicco Happy Hippy Walker

Chicco Happy Hippy Walker

My little boy adores and loves playing with this toy! He likes the spinning front wheel when sitting, but also enjoys getting up close to see all of its twirly bits. We can take him on walks around our neighborhood while playing “walkies." I am glad we purchased such an excellent product because most baby toys don't last very long before they're already replaced by something new—but not in this case!


It's sturdy, nicely made and requires parental supervision. The design of this product features a more subtle style than some other toys we have seen on the market - which are usually very flashy or overdone with their designs (i.e., 2D). Our other kids love them as well, because they can't break anything too easily from dropping it onto floorboards, etcetera.


This product is a lifesaver! I love that it has extra support bars so my son can't throw his weight onto the handlebars and make them fall down. The makers did such an awesome job with this design especially considering what other products cost, you really get more bang for your buck here.


This little flower power bus has a sweet personality with lots of toys for the busy hands. It's perfect if you want to keep your child entertained while on their way!



The only drawback to this tricycle is that the wheels are not locks so it requires close supervision on hard slippery floors as the wheels tend to slide along a little too quickly, although works great on carpet, but all in-all I’m very pleased.

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